Unity CS

September 2018 - Ongoing

By Brandon Gomez

Link all the numbers!

1-2-Link is the perfect game for puzzle lovers of all levels! With quick, simple boards to difficult, more complex ones, 1-2-Link has it all.

The goal is to fill the board with a single gapless connection by linking all the numbers in a sequential order. You can link the numbers horizontally or vertically. In Plus mode, you can even link them diagonally.

With over a billion levels, four difficulties for each mode, 1-2-Link will satisfy any seeker of mind-challenging puzzles.

Get a fun number linking experience that includes:

  • Over a billion unique puzzles boards so you will never run out of challenges
  • Two play modes available: Normal and Plus
  • Includes four different difficulties for each mode
  • Use hints to help when you are stuck
  • Choose a light, dark, or paper appearance for your number linking preference
  • Compete for the best time in the global leaderboards

Billions of number linking challenges in the palm of your hand!

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1-2-Link 1-2-Link 1-2-Link 1-2-Link 1-2-Link