Unity CS CS

July 2016 - Ongoing

Floor It is an infinite runner with a spin; you are the one who creates the road for your ever running car! This is a unique game where the player has many game modes, and vehicles to choose from and in addition, you get to encounter many wacky power ups and objects to keep the experience fresh every time you play!

Floor It contains 3 game modes: Floot It, Bowl, and Drive. In each game mode, a car is constantly moving and the player has to prevent it from falling off the road. In the Floor It and Bowl game modes, the player must create the road for the car and in Bowl the player has the potential to get more points by knocking down pins at the end of the area. In Drive, the player actually gets to control the car while the road is being procedurally generated. Some of the power ups include: one that spawns a bouncy ball, one that makes your car speed up, one that makes you car bigger, one that spawns an bomb car and many more!

Role: Sole programmer and designer

Download Alpha Build for Android

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