Brandon Gomez

Hello, I'm Brandon Gomez, a computer game designer and programmer. I grew up in the beautiful Coachella Valley, more specifically Cathedral City. I ventured north to pursue my dreams. I attended the University of California, Santa Cruz and I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Computer Game Design.

My creativity got its initial spark when my parents got me my first Lego set when I was an adolescent. I would spend all my time creating my own diverse creations and I would share them with my family. I would get excited when my parents would get me a new set so I can use the pieces for creating bigger and more complex creations. Then, when I became older, a new form of medium came into my life, video games. I would watch my brothers play Super Mario World and I would get the sense of adrenaline and fear from watching my brothers beat the final boss. It was such an emotional rush and this type of feeling is just one emotional stimulus that I uniquely get from this medium.

Once I became a teenager, online multiplayer became popular, such as Halo 3. I would spend countless hours in Halo; not playing the multiplayer, but building multiplayer maps so my friends and I could play on them. I would make sure that every little detail was near perfect and I would use my battles with my friends as a way of fine tuning the map layout so that the gameplay was interesting and dynamic. Another game that became extremely popular when I was a teenager was Minecraft, and just like Halo, I would spend all my free time building structures (even before creativity mode was implemented into the game) so my friends could interact with my designs. It was such a great sense of fulfillment when I would see my friends play on my own work.

Some other games that inspired me were Shadow of the Colossus, Portal, Thirty Flights of Loving, The Last of Us and Gone Home. These game all had some sort of emotional impact in my life and they helped me to see video games as an art form. When I play these games, I get a drive to work harder to try to create games that make people see and feel the same way I do about these games: unconventional, beautiful and impactful.


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